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The first time I met Tyke ThaMob, I went to see him at a Slim Thug show. Prior to that show, I reached out to Tyke about LikaVibe.  I did a quick pitch “who we are, what we do” and offered our music services. He was cool enough to take me up on the offer.  So there was no hesitation when Tyke reached out to me about doing video work for one of his upcoming shows.

So on Friday, February 14th,  2020 we head down to Hillsboro, OR.  to see Tyke ThaMob perform as part of the Heartbreak lineup performing at Fuego.

Tyke is not afraid to engage and vibeout with the crowd, this makes his shows a must-see.  It doesn’t matter if he’s the opener, climax or closing performer Tyke’s attitude appears as if everyone in the building came there to see him for the first time.  With that in mind, he did not disappoint the crowd.

I agree with Georgia Gold when Tyke is about to perform “Everybody cut ya camera on!   Everybody cut ya camera on!”  From the onset of his show, Tyke took command of the crowd opening with his verse of songs from his Zooited Gang band members Taye Zooited and Jaye King(performance not shown in this video).  I thought this was a great show of respect for each of his band members, who are talented in their own right.  Throughout his performance, Tyke effectively used the stage area and showed a command of his space through the entirety of his set.

Although it was Tyke’s show, he shared that night’s stage with YKTMV.  The level of engagement with the crowd and entertainment value was not sacrificed as songs transitioned from Tyke to YKTMV and back.   Choosing to do a medley set and alternating songs kept the energy of their joint performance consistent.

It was a LikaVibe approved performance.   If you get a chance to see Tyke ThaMob perform our book him as an artist you’re in for a treat from one the Northwest’s most energetic performers.

Disclaimer:  Tyke and YKTMV did not perform their joint single B.A.B, but you can listen to the single and watch the video or listen to Tyke ThaMob – From Iran To Takistan on LikaVibe.com

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