DJ Nasty Nes Interview (Part 1)

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In the early era, Hip Hop was a personal experience and expression.  There were no radio stations, video channels, no tube channels, and no social media to promote our music.   The DJ was the first advocate for Hip Hop music.  Whether in house parties, clubs, or in limited cases the radio; the DJ has been responsible for exposing the masses to this new art form.

“I always wanted to be a star.  Kinda like what Bruce Lee did for Kung Fu, I wanted to do the same thing for Seattle with Hip Hop” – DJ Nasty Nes

Nes “DJ Nasty Nes” Rodriguez is one of Seattle’s Legendary Hip Hop Pioneers.  It is impossible to have a discussion about the history of Seattle Hip Hop music without mentioning DJ Nasty Nes.  I grew up listening to his show Freshtracks, the West Coast’s first-ever all-rap radio show, on 1250 FOX.

In Part 1 of my interview Nes shared some of his early musical influences, meeting Ed Locke, getting started in radio and college radio stations.

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