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Dem30zzz is an American rap group coming out of Seattle, Washington. The members, Hunnitband Quel and 30 Yankin combine a west coast lyrical style with hard-hitting productions to create an authentic sound.  The duo exploded on the scene with their first release “Flag On The Play.”  Powered by the production of Starr Spazzin and verbal assist from Gunna Goof, the single is the perfect introduction to Dem30zzz.

To support their debut release Dem30yzzz  hit the road, in the summer of 2019 on the PLM/LikeVibe Promo Tour.  Never one to miss an opportunity the duo shot there second single “Late Night” while on tour in Oakland.  The duo looks forward to creating more great music and connecting with their growing fan base.


Agency Paines Lane Management

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Email paineslanemgmt@gmail.com

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