Sylvia Hanot Interview

“Every other Woman of Color in the United States, stands on the back of a Black Woman.” – Sylvia Hanot

It was a beautiful afternoon in the city of Seattle.

LikaVibe had the opportunity to attend the Blossom Networking Event for Women of Color.  During the event I had a chance to catch up with Sylvia Hanot.  Sylvia is one of the thought leaders at Trilogi.  Trilogi, a non-profit organization focused on bridging the gap between music, arts &  social causes.  Trilogi along with  MissCaseyCarter created Blossom to provide Women of Color a safe space to network and professional develop.

In this Podcast Sylvia shares the energy behind creating Blossom and some of the challenges she faces as a Black Woman creating networking opportunities as a Creative.


Trilogi.org – https://www.trilogi.org

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